Concrete Cutting: Quality First. Safety Always.






Rooted in who we are and what matters to us, we have taken time with our team to establish our Core Values for RDK Concrete Cutting & Coring Inc. Guided by the principle that this is a family business, we chose 'Family' as our first value. We welcome new members to our team and aim to treat all clients like an extension of our RDK 'Family'. 



We believe that being part of a family or greater extended family doesn't guarantee that everyone will get along. After reflecting on what it takes to help a family work together effectively, we determined that at the core, it's 'Love'. We keep 'Love' as one of our core values and aim to extend ourselves for the good of another person.



Concrete Cutting & Coring is a dirty business. We often find ourselves covered in concrete slurry or cutting in obscure locations. Concrete Cutting & Coring is a fun trade to participate in when we make the best of challenging cuts. Our team at RDK Concrete Cutting & Coring Inc. choose 'Humour' as one of our core values because we love to have fun while we cut concrete!



We lead ourselves with the mandate of 'Safety First. Quality Always'. We will continue to direct ourselves, our teams and guide our clients on our job sites to aim for 100% Safety while delivering high 'Quality' Concrete Cutting & Coring. The nature of concrete can make cutting it a challenge as blades and equipment navigate into poured and cured concrete. Through the experience of our professional concrete cutters, we aim to deliver smooth straight 'Quality' cuts.



At RDK Concrete Cutting & Coring Inc. we recognize how important it is for us to respond to our clients requests as efficiently as possible. Most Concrete Cutting & Coring has other trades or steps waiting to happen. We aim to keep your 'Productivity' high by arriving on time and cutting with leading edge concrete cutting saws. By keeping our equipment up to date we are able to increase our 'Productivity' and yours.



 'Honesty/Integrity' governs all of what RDK Concrete Cutting & Coring does. If we can't trust each other to be honest and make good decisions when no one is looking, how can you? We believe that 'Honesty/Integrity' is the cornerstone of our family and company. We seek trustworthy people to join our team who believe that even mistakes can be handled in a loving honest fashion.